At the age of seventeen Monica left Auckland to pursue a modelling career. For four years she worked as a model in Germany, Paris, London, Milan, Sydney, Kula Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. Working as an international model allowed Monica to meet people from all walks of life, and immerse herself in many different cultures.

As modelling is predominantly focused on physical appearance, from a young age Monica became aware of how health and wellbeing impact the physical body. She began exploring different forms of exercise in some of the best studios and gyms around the world. She also curated an interest in exploring the many foods to nourish her body, which paired with her interest in physical activity lead to an overall exploration into an optimal healthy lifestyle.

Monica had been ballet dancing since she was three years old and at the age of sixteen decided it was time to end her hobbie. An abrupt end to the many hours of dancing left her searching for a new form of movement. She had heard only a little about yoga, but found a studio near her house in Auckland and decided to give it a try. Unfortunately, she realised years of ballet had given her strong legs but very weak arms, and found the class overwhelming. However she committed to the practice and continued to go back, as well as found yoga studios around the world with her travels, and soon yoga became a daily ritual. Yoga created space in Monica’s body that she never thought was possible and with that came a¬†newfound space in her mind.

In 2018 Monica completed her 200-hour Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher training with Tymi Howard in Ubud, Bali. The training ignited a passion for sharing the practice of yoga and in November on arrival back in New Zealand she began her yoga teaching career.

Monica is constantly growing and expanding her knowledge on all things health and wellbeing. She is passionate about the life-changing practice of yoga and using it to build strength, flexibility and to deepen the mind-body connection.