Living in Paris

This Saturday morning started like most of my mornings here in Paris. I woke up, made my breakie and coffee, followed by getting up to date on social media. I’m not really a morning person, so I like to take my time in the morningzzz.

Coconut Yogurt topped with banana, coconut, chia seeds, sunflower seeds 100% peanut butter and (not pictured) cacao nibs!

I threw on some Levi’s, a jumper and some sneakers; this is my go-to outfit when I don’t have any castings.

Saturday is my favourite day of the week. In Paris everything is pretty much shut on the weekend. The streets are super quiet (especially in the mornings) & my favourite market is open: Marchè biologique des Batignolles. This cute, little organic market is where I buy my produce for the week. Coming from New Zealand, I’ve become used to an amazing standard of easily accessible fruit and veg, however in the Center of Paris I’ve found it harder to find the same standard of produce at most supermarkets. Therefore I prefer going to the local farmers market – you get more for your money as well.

Wandering through the streets of Paris, there are amazing patisseries on every corner. You can find the best croissants and baguettes! So every once in a while I will treat myself to one… I mean it’s not every day I am in Paris!

Coffee mmmmmm…to be honest it has taken me nearly 5 months to find my favourite coffee spots; Telescope, Matamata Coffee, KB Cafeshope, Merci and Honor are my current top picks. It’s easy to find black coffee, but if you are more into a almond milk flat white like myself 😉 that’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Oat milk latte from KB Cafeshop (unfortunately no almond milk here)

After taking some time to myself, I’ll come back to the model apartment where I live with 4-9 girls (depending on how many are in town). The best thing about living with so many girls is that you are never lonely and always have someone to talk too. I have made some of my best friends in this Paris apartment. We are all in the same boat, being away from our home and families, and experiencing a new city. My love for Paris wouldn’t be the same without these girls.

I usually finish my day going to the gym before dinner. I’m not a huge gym lover… However I’ve found it hard to find a decent yoga studio with English speaking instructors, and the same goes for a boxing gym/Pilates studio. Nevertheless the gym is great for the mean time and I often find myself in a Body Pump or power Pilates class. The instructors speaks French, however I find it easy to follow along as I already know the basics. My days often follow this routine with added castings and jobs throughout the week days.

Paris is a city where you can find style, amazing architecture & the smell of fresh pastries on every corner. With so many beautiful details to discover every day, I am constantly inspired. Paris is always a good idea!


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  1. im not a gym lover as well, and to make it worse i have school every evening of the week and work 100%, so i never have time to go… i end up following random youtube tutorials in the weekend 😅
    btw, this is a very nice project and a nice way to keep in touch with your audience x


    1. Hey Lexi, urg that’s such a pain!! You should sign up for a yoga studio… that way you only pay per class and not every day like you do at the gym, even when you arnt using it! Yoga would be so good for your mind aswell to take a break as it sounds like your super busy!! Thank you so much, glad you like it xx


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