The Modelling Basics / My Story

When starting modelling at the age of sixteen, never could I have imagined the places I have traveled and the people I have met. The career that I have chosen to pursue has had so many positive impacts on my life, that I thought I would share with you how it all works.

My very first test shoot / Shot by ‘Paradiso’

The first step as a model is signing with an agency. In order to have an agency a model can either be scouted, walk in, or apply by contacting the agency via their website. My mum was a booker and therefore has many contacts in the modelling industry. One of them being Michael Hooker, who is currently my fabulous mother agent. A modelling agency is responsible for booking a model on various jobs and organising their schedule.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Shot by Hayley Pease

Once a portfolio has begun, so will castings. Castings are like auditions where the client can meet a model in person and view their book. A photo will usually be taken as well as a composite card, and possibly a walk will be requested if it’s for a show. At a casting there are often other models who will be there for the same reason. The goal of a casting is to select a model/models for a certain job.It’s a very quick process and depending on how many girls are there, should be over and done with in about 10 minutes. After the

Shot by Jake Terry

casting the agency will contact the model if they booked the job in the next couple of days

A line of models waiting for a casting in Paris

As a model begins their career they will ALWAYS be faced with rejection. When I started out I booked a show I was really excited about in Sydney. I changed my flight and extended my stay in order to do the show… I even went to my fitting and tried on my outfits. However the night before I got a call from my booker saying that I had been cancelled from the show (this is a frequent occurrence for models). I was so upset and kept asking myself what I did wrong. However when a client is booking a model they are thinking about how their clothes will appear on a girl and it’s as simple as that. It’s important for girls to separate modelling from themselves, grow a thick skin and take everything with a grain of salt.

Once a model is ready and there are no complications with their schooling etc they will start travelling. I was seventeen when I went to Singapore for two months on my first big trip. When going on an overseas placement there might not be any jobs confirmed already but castings will begin on arrival. 

Campaign for ‘Eight Slate’ shot in Singapore

Agencies over seas often have a model apartment where models can stay. The rent will be added onto the models statement and as they start working will be deducted from their fee. Model apartments are usually not the nicest apartments in the world, they are equipped with only the very basics and have as many models squeezed in as possible… meaning the dreaded Bunk Beds! Never the less they are where I have made my best friends!

If the first trip is a success and enjoyable then the rest is history. A couple of months away turns into four which turns into six, traveling from country to country. As any job would modelling has its highs and lows. Modelling can take time and not be an over night success, but it is accompanied with life long memories and once in a life time opportunities. I hope I have covered a few of the basics and feel free to leave questions in the comment section…

Lots of Love,

P.S I made a ‘Model Dictionary’ for terms used that may not be familiar:

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