Girls Trip in Paris… The Right Way.

There are fewer better feelings than when one of my best friends messages me saying she is coming to Paris for a weekend…aka PARISIAN GIRLS TRIP! Instantly my mind wandered to the places we could eat, and the things we could see. In two days and one morning we had one of the best weekends two girls could ask for. So I thought I would share what we got up to for any girlfriends who are planning a wee trip to the beautiful city of Paris.

Note; Both of us have already previously visited Paris and therefore the tourist hotspots being the Eiffel Tower, The Lourve, the Champs-Élysées etc. So I thought I would make this weekend about venturing round the city like true Parisians. 

Day 1;

My BFF-Becky’s Eurostar arrival was scheduled for Saturday at 12:00pm… lunch time! We meet each other with a big hug and headed to our first destination; ‘Holy Belly’. I chose this place as I wanted a big coffee and brekkie to fuel us for the day ahead… and oh did this place satisfy our cravings. We both had a large filter coffee, I had poached eggs with mushrooms, halloumi and the green salad. While Becky had the very pretty and delish muesli. Please note that vegans should take a look at the menu first as there are not that many vegan friendly options or any nut/plant based milks.

After breakfast we were ready to go… While we were in the area of ‘Le Marais’ I wanted to tick off a few cute places around. So we headed in the direction of one of my favourite stores ‘Merci‘. Merci is filled with clothes, homeware, flowers a cafe and much more… everything a girl could ask for right?

Once we had selected the future contents of our make believe Parisian apartment 😉 we then wandered to the cutest little street ‘Rue Cremieux’ where the houses are painted in pretty pastel colours, and were sure to snap a few photos!

Successfully getting a couple of pictures (even in the pouring rain) we walked about five minutes down to the River Seine. It’s a beautiful walk to start heading back into the centre whilst visiting ‘île Saint-Louis’ and the ‘Notre-Dame’. We became quite thirsty and thought a coffee break was needed, so followed ‘Rue du Renard’ up to one of my favourite cafes ‘Loustic‘. It’s the perfect place to get a great coffee and a snack, while checking photos taken and enjoying the cosy atmosphere.

We then went back to Becky’s hotel to charge our phones and change Beckys shoes, as she chose to wear velvet slides on the one day it was pouring with rain LOL (it’s safe to say her feet were absolutely soaked). Once a pair of boots were put on and our phones had increased in battery, we decided to walk to dinner. The spot I chose for dinner was a recommendation from a friend; ‘Big Love’. This was by far one of the best places I have had dinner in Paris. We got olives and cheese to start with, and a basil & peach cocktail followed by our pizza. The pizza is gluten free and my oh my was it the most glorious pizza I have ever tasted. The truffle pizza was by far the highlight of the night and left us dreaming about it the rest of the trip.

Day 2;

How could we possibly top the previous day… but guess what; I think we did! For breakfast I wanted to find a typical French breakfast. I was lucky enough to find ‘Marlette’; an organic cafe serving house made pastries and bread. They had the cutest traditional French breakfast options and the coffee was great. Not to mention the cute atmosphere and friendly staff.

We had a second round of coffee and then decided to walk fifteen minutes to the ‘Sacré-Cœur’ as it was so close and such a beautiful day. The church is a big tourist attraction in Paris, so it was filled with people, but still offers a beautiful view over Paris.

A girls trip isn’t complete without some retail therapy… or at least some window shopping! So a stroll through ‘Gallery Layfayette’ was in order. The nine story department store is what dreams are made of…. my favourite being the shoe department on the bottom floor. Be sure to head to the centre of the store to view the famous glass Coupole.

Next stop was ‘The Ritz Paris’ and then an afternoon snack. Wandering through the gardens and corridors of the 5 star hotel is a beautiful experience that I can highly recommend. Afterwards a walk five minutes down the road took us to ‘Ladurée’, where there is a macaron from every colour of the rainbow. Around the corner is ‘Angelica’ where we ordered their famous “chocolat chaud” to take away and drink in the park.

To finish off the day we wandered through Jardin Palais Royal, as well as bought a baguette, cheese, olives and some wine from the closest supermarket. We strolled down to the ‘River Seine’ just before sunset and set up a little picnic on the bench. It was the perfect end to the day; we ate and looked out onto the beautiful French apartments while watching the boats go by.

Day 3; 

We only had a few hours before Beckys train departed, so went back to ‘Marlette’ for yet another delicious breakfast. In between sips of coffee we spoke about our lovely weekend. We made our way to ‘Rue Saint Honoré’ and looked at the beautiful stores as our trip drew to a close.

What a weekend… the best food…. the best memories… and the best company! We saw the most beautiful side of Paris that so many girls dream of. ON T’AIME PARIS…

Lots of Love,

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  1. Hiii monica plzzzzz more more post, you are amazing andd also i think you can share lots of pictures and articles about clothes i love so much your style ❤❤

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