Tour Life

I was given the opportunity to go on tour with SIX60 & Nico and Vinz through Europe, my schedule was busy as I was in Paris at the time, but I managed to sort a total of six days on tour with the band.

I arrived in Amsterdam at midday to the pouring rain and freezing temperatures. Amsterdam is one of my favorite places but unfortunately, I didn’t get to see much of it this trip as I only spent half a day there. I was staaaarving so (as always) my first thought was food We went to ‘Dignita’ for lunch and I had a glorious eggplant salad.

One of the many beautiful canals in Amsterdam.
Our lunch at Dignita

Afterwards, it was straight to the venue so the band could complete their soundcheck.

SIX60 during sound check

While the boys did their thing, I hung out backstage, which usually looks like this:

Backstage at the venue.

When it was time for the boys to perform I watched the show from side of stage.

SIX60 performing in Amsterdam

Once the show was over we went to a few local bars to celebrate then headed to the tour bus and drove through the night to Berlin, Germany. There were two tour buses, one for SIX60 and one for Nico and Vinz. The tour bus consists of two stories. On the bottom level there is a very small kitchen, a lounge area, and the driver. The second level has bunk beds down the sides of the walls, a toilet and another lounge area at the back. Let’s just say with nine men sleeping on a bus it’s not the tidiest of all places

The tour bus.

We woke up in Berlin and checked into the most amazing hotel, Michelberger. I was desperately in need of a shower and this place was the perfect treat. Our two bedroom room, with a fully equipped kitchen and our own private sauna, felt like absolute heaven.

Kitchen at Michelberger
Our amazing private sauna in our hotel room

For breakfast, we ordered the most delicious vegan room service from the hotel and set off for a couple of hours to explore Berlin.

The Berlin Wall.
Wandering the streets of Friedrichshain, Berlin.

We got to the venue in the afternoon in time for soundcheck. The show was another great one… of course… and it was back to the bus to the next destination; Cologne, Germany.

Spot me on the tour bus…

We arrived around 12:30 pm, I did my best at putting on my makeup in the back of the bus and we went to look for some food. We found a cute smoothie and salad bar where I had the daily Buddha bowl. It was tasty, loaded with greens and set me up for the day.

My lunch for the day

We had to head straight to the venue for soundcheck so I didn’t get to explore the city much, however, I did get to try ‘peanut butter chips’…. interesting but definitely made me a little bus sick.

Peanut butter chips…

After the show, it was my final night on the tour bus to Paris. We checked into The Hoxton in the morning and had an amazing night stay. It’s a beautiful modern hotel and there is much attention to detail.

The beautiful lobby at the Hoxton.

We wandered through Paris to some of my favorite spots, and finally went to my apartment to see some of my girlfriends and bring them to the show with me. It was so much fun and such a great way to end the trip.

Back for more at Holy Belly…

Catch a little more of my trip on SIX60’s video;



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