My 2018 Goals

I love goal setting and the feeling of accomplishment that it brings. The most common time for setting goals is the end of the year… ‘New Year’s resolutions’. I believe that goals should begin the day they are thought of… however I do like writing a few New Years resolutions to set the tone for my year. I also add resolutions that I am currently practising in order to make sure I maintain them. No matter how big or small, doing something for you or someone else every day can benefit your health, relationships and work. It is something that makes me happy, mindful and grateful… so bring on the 2018 New Years resolutions!! 
2018 GOALS
2018 GOALS 2
2018 GOALS 3.jpg
2018 GOALS 4
2018 Goals;
1. Be a morning person
2. Drink lemon & hot water in the morning
3. No phone before breakfast
4. Meditate
5. Smile at strangers
6. Be kind to myself and others
7. Be mindful
8. Breathe.
9. Be grateful
10. Choose foods that nourish my body
11. Continue supplement intake
12. Learn
13. Understand how others feel
14. Prioritise exercise
15. Catch up with friends in spare time
16. Prioritise sleep
17. Drink plenty of water
18. Read more
19. Practice more yoga
20. Write down three things I am grateful for at the end of each day
Happy New Year,

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