6 Morning Habits to Brighten Your Day

1. Make your bed
Making your bed in the morning starts the day with a sense of accomplishment, and is scientifically proven to help with productivity throughout the day. The bed is usually a key feature in the bedroom so if it is clean and tidy it will encourage you to keep the rest of the room organised as well.

2. Lemon and hot water first thing in the morning

Starting the day off with an easy, healthy drink is a great way to set the tone for your day. Lemon and hot water in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. If I am feeling extra healthy I will add some freshly grated ginger and turmeric for an added anti-inflammatory kick.

3. Meditate

I will admit I found this one very hard to start incorporating into my routine every morning. However, I thought if I can’t spare 10 minutes of my morning, I am doing something wrong. I currently use the ‘head space‘ app, and meditate while my hot water is cooling down. Don’t judge it until you have given it a good chance. The mental clarity and calmness it brings to my day are sooo worth it.

4. A good playlist

Put on your favourite Spotify playlist to create a soundtrack to your morning, it just makes waking up that much more enjoyable.

5. Stretchhhh

By doing a quick stretch routine in the morning you can wake your whole body up and prepare it for the day ahead. Besides the obvious of improved circulation and flexibility, stretching in the morning generally just makes you feel so good. I love yoga so I currently do an improvised gentle Vinyasa flow.

6. Make your own coffee

I used to be super anti making coffee at home because I never thought it was as good as barista made. However, trial and error led me to create the best coffee straight from my kitchen. Black coffee is my go too, so plunger/filter coffee is perfect for me and good quality coffee grounds make all the difference. The added benefit of making your coffee at home is all the $$$ you will save… on average $24.50 a week, so $98.00 a month!!! If you are pushed for time in the morning, purchasing a ‘keep cup‘ will allow you to drink your coffee on the go.

Have a lovely morning,

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