Life As A ‘Hamburger’

My day starts preparing breakfast to the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so I am a bit picky and have yet to find a local cafe to statisfy my cravings in Hamburg, Germany.

Over night oats prepared with coconut milk and topped with fresh strawberries and coco hazelnut butter.

My favourite morning activity in Hamburg is to take a walk through my local park ‘Planten un Blomen’. It consists of themed gardens, tulips, a lake and an amazing green house. I always take this time to be mindful and breath in the fresh air for a positive start to my day.

Planten un Blomen green house.

Hamburg has delicious coffee, and there are plenty of cosy coffee shops to get my daily fix. My current favourites are;

⁃ Less Political

⁃ Törnqvist

⁃ Elbgold

⁃ Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

⁃ Balz und Balz

Oat milk flat white and latte at Less Political

Depending on my schedule I then like to squeeze in a workout. Kai Fu is a beautiful gym with the biggest class time table I have ever seen and an amazing recreational centre. They offer day passes and a variety of discounts for models wishing to train there. Another great gym is Elbgym, they have multiple locations over Hamburg and one of the best personal trainers @memolutionfitness. Check out my ‘Train Like a Model’ Vlog with Memo here.

Elbgym with the girls from Model Werk and Memo

If I don’t prepare lunch at home, I usually head to ‘Urban Foodie’ they have something for everyone and I never leave disappointed.

My favourite form of transportation in Hamburg is walking. It’s fascinating how the architecture changes so suddenly between suburbs. Hafen City, Karolineviertel, Hoheluft-Ost and the city centre/ Alster are my top picks of areas to explore.

If it is the weekend I might stop by the local Flea Markets. There is always something new to see, and the possibility of finding a cool vintage piece.

Hamburg has something for everyone and a trip to Germany wouldn’t be complete without stopping by. I had an amazing two months in Hamburg and can’t wait to return sometime soon!

Shot in Hamburg by Pohlan


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