Model Must Haves

Over the years of being a model I have created a mental check list that I recite in my head every morning before I leave the house. Modelling is a very self-dependant job, and being unorganised and unprepared can lead to situations where you look unprofessional and can sometimes be a bit embarrassing. However never fear… as I have put together a list of seven model must-haves so you too can have a checklist before leaving the house. Even if you are not a model and just a bit curious I’m sure you can find some helpful tips in this list to be prepared for whatever the day throws at you.

  1. Makeup wipes

Models often spend around two hours in the makeup chair before a job and at the end of a long day, I can’t wait to have a clean face again. On the odd occasion, I have had some pretty crazy makeup looks as well and let’s just say I would prefer to avoid the strange stares on the tube/metro afterwards. That is why makeup wipes are no.1 on my list. I also make sure I have some good quality facial wipes with me after I finish my workouts to wipe off any sweat that has built up on my face to feel fresh and avoid breakouts.

P.S remember to properly remove make up with a micellar water afterwards, as makeup wipes never get stubborn foundation completely off.

Cetaphil Gentle Makeup-Removing Wipes

2. Phone charger

When I am overseas for modelling I rely on my phone so much so that I would be lost without it… literally. Whether it’s a portable or standard phone charger, this is a must! Because trust me, being stranded in a foreign city with castings to attend and a dead phone is not a good time.

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore

3. High Heels

Regardless of whether a casting is for a show or not it’s important to always have high heels on hand as a client can spontaneously ask for a runway walk or a picture in heels. It might result in not booking the job if the client can’t see what they are looking for. It’s also important to have simple nude or black heels that are comfortable to walk in. I like to always have my shoes in a shoe bag inside my handbag also, that way all the other items don’t get dirty.

Top Shop Romeo Ring Black Skinny Strap Sandals

4. Lip Balm

Travelling involves aeroplanes and a change of climate, which for me always results in dry lips. Before going into a casting I apply my favourite lip balm to make sure I am looking and feeling my best.

Avène Eau Thermale Cold Creme Lip Balm

5. Portfolio and Comp Card

It might seem like a no-brainer for many models but sometimes I get out the door and realise I have forgotten my portfolio. A common mistake is also not having enough composite cards for the number of castings that day. A comp card is so important to give to a client as it is something they can remember the model’s name, face and measurements by, so never turn up to a casting empty-handed.

My Composite Card with Michael Hooker International

6. A book

I have occasionally waited at castings or a job for up too three hours or in lines with literally over 100 girls in front of me. If I am on my own I always take my reading book to keep me entertained. It’s also a great use of time when sitting on the train or bus.

12 Rules for Life by Jordan B Peterson

7. A snack

Last but not least I always have a snack handy.  My current favourite snack is macadamia and Brazil nuts. I buy them in bulk from an organic whole foods store than pack them into a little container ready for the day. Some fruit or crackers is also a great option. I like to avoid my ‘hangry’ alter ego at all costs 😉

Raw Organic Macadamia Nuts
One last tip;

It is safe to say that as a model your handbag is always full and heavy so many models often opt for a cool backpack instead.

Lots of Love,

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