Burning / Smudging​​ Sage

I recently posted an Instagram story of myself burning sage in my living room. Curious I added a poll button to see how many of my friends and followers did the same or had no idea what it was that was smoking in front of my tv. To my surprise, 70% of voters didn’t burn sage or know what it was.

I smudge sage once a week and love all the benefits that come with it. Therefore I decided I would share all I know about this sacred ritual so maybe you too can reap the beautiful benefits of dried sage.

Smudging sage started nearly 2,000 years ago as an Indigenous American practice, they would burn sage over a fire to remove conflict, anger illness and evil, letting it be absorbed by the smoke. As time has passed today we still smudge sage to effectively remove negative energy from our homes, cars and even our physical and energetic body. If this all seems a bit overwhelming for you, let me explain a little more.

Science shows that burning sage literally changes the ionic composition of the air, as well as removes 94% of bacteria in the air (when tested the following day the air was still clean). The physical benefits of having clean air range from improving; asthma, coughing,  headaches and fatigue. From a more spiritual perspective burning sage helps to remove toxic energy, heavy feelings, bad intentions and is like an energetic shower.

In order to smudge sage, you will need a dried sage bundle (i bought mine from huckleberry), a fireproof bowl, and a lighter. Before you light your sage, make sure that the windows and doors are slightly open for the smoke (and negative energy) to exit your space. Make your environment calm by turning off all electronics and choose a time when you will not be disturbed. When you feel calm and focused, you can light your sage over a fireproof bowl, and blow out the flame so that smoke arises (i often have to light my sage a few times to get a decent amount of smoke). Staring at the front door or entrance of your space, you can start to walk around the room lifting the smoke into the corners, and paying special attention to cupboards and small spaces, leaving a visible trail of smoke as you go. When you make your way back to where you started to pause for a moment of gratitude and you can press the bundle of sage into your fireproof bowl to put out the smoke.

After burning sage, I instantly feel a sense of calm and ease. I often store my sage bundle in the fireproof bowl, but if you decided to clean the bowl, it’s said to not throw the ashes in the garbage but rather scatter them in your garden or the earth somewhere.

You can burn sage whenever you would like to, but some great times to burn sage would be;

  • Before practising yoga in your home
  • After you or a family member has been sick
  • When moving into a new living space
  • When you are feeling down
  • After a person with negative energy has entered your home
  • Before meditation

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of this beautiful, sacred practice and can invite the ritual of burning sage into your lifestyle. If you do try smudging sage for the first time I would love to hear about your experience.





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